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The drive to Shepparton was nice early in the morning, considering the heat that was soon to come.  At Jordy's house there was a bustle as everybody was getting the final touches done on the ceremony and reception, which would be hosted there later in the afternoon. I managed to find a beautiful pine tree in the yard, which provided a perfect backdrop as well as some very welcome shade as the sun rose higher in the day.
Gabbi was so keen to put her dress on she was trying to get me to leave Jordy's house early! I arrived to see all the girls in their bridesmaids dresses and her beautiful details ready to photograph. Her dress was so white that it translates so wonderfully into a black white photo.
When I arrived back at Jordy's excitement was high, the flowers were in place and nearly all the guests were there, patiently waiting for Gabbi's arrival. Jordy doesn't smile a lot in front of the camera, but he was beaming!
After a lovely ceremony and some family shots we headed down to the Australian Botanical Gardens, just a few minutes down the road. Somehow it was one of the 'cooler' hot days that I've shot on. Perhaps it was just the sweat we all had running down our backs. This location is different to most, a lot more harsh, and a lot more Aussie bush. After some shots with the bridal party and Gabbi & Jordy we headed back towards the Goulburn river, even closer to Jordy's place, to get some shots on the banks, and with a little more tree coverage.
Back at the reception the cake and it's setting looked amazing and as the sun went lower and the fairy lights twinkled Gabbi and Jordy's reception came to life.
Below is a collection of some of my favourite images from Gabbi & Jordy's day. For those wondering, I aim to provide 500+ photos, which is a mix of black and white and colour. It includes family shots taken after the ceremony, guests mingling at the reception and then some of the more stylised shots like what you see below.
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